Kuukauden kokeilu: Miten hyvin tavarafillari korvaa katumaasturin?

Trek Transport+, korvaako tämä amerikkalaistoimittajan auton? Photo by BIkeradar

Voiko tavarafillari korvata laiskan amerikkalaistoimittajan auton? Bikeradarin James Huang kokeili tammikuussa, miltä elämä maistuu, kun tavallisesti autolla hoituvat kauppareissut tekeekin sähköavusteisella pitkäperäpyörällä.

Tässä projektin pohjia:

Still, I admit that laziness wins out and I do find myself hopping into the car more than is really necessary – say, when it’s time to fetch groceries, drop off or pick up various boxes, or just if the weather is crappy. And as I now work from home, any trips I do take on bike tend to be for quick errand runs downtown or to meet people for meals and whatnot. The burgeoning crop of heavy-duty utility bikes had gotten me thinking, though: if the ability to haul cargo was no longer a limiting factor, could I feasibly go bike-only, even in wintertime?

Tammikuun lopussa fiilikset ovat tällaiset:

If nothing else, these few days have shattered personal perspectives on when a car is needed – and when it isn’t. And looking back at my Garmin data, there’s been a lot more time spent on a bike than there otherwise might have been, all while usually only adding negligible minutes to my errands when factoring in traffic and parking time. And of course, there’s the small but not insignificant amount of money saved in fuel and occasional parking meters. Needless to say, that number would go up enormously were I to do this full-time and actually get rid of one of the vehicles in our two-car household.

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