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    Effie Gray explained in the letter of five years later “he had imagined women were quite different to what he saw I was, which the reason he failed to make me depilacja laserowa jak długo działa his Wife was while he was disgusted with my person”. Although we’ll never get to the bottom, as they say, from the reasons for Ruskin’s reaction, it’s been widely assumed that they was traumatised by Effie’s crotch hair.<br><br>And, frankly, it’s no surprise that. For an English male art historian in the nineteenth century, steeped in the classical tradition and Italian Renaissance art, the expected female body would surely have been completely hairless. But how did these pictures communicate with the way women treated their unique bodies? Did the reinvention from the female nude in renaissance Italy come together with a vogue for body traditional hair removal?<br><br>

Katselet 1 viestiä (kaikkiaan 1 viestiä)

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